Parikh, Einhorn, Messina to open PEM Law in West Orange on Monday

3 name partners are among 8 from Genova Burns who have decided to start their own firm

Eight attorneys from Genova Burns, including Raj Parikh, Kathleen Einhorn and Charles Messina, are leaving the Newark-based firm to start their own, PEM Law, which will open Monday morning in West Orange, ROI-NJ has learned.

Parikh, Einhorn and Messina will be joined by:

  • Peter Berk;
  • Maria Fruci;
  • Avi Kelin;
  • Jen Roselle;
  • Len Spinelli.

The firm is expected to be full-service from the start, with attorneys working in numerous practice areas, including but not limited to:

  • Business litigation;
  • Corporate transactions;
  • Crisis management;
  • Employment;
  • Fashion;
  • Human resources;
  • Intellectual property/trademarks;
  • Labor;
  • Political activity and campaign finance;
  • Real estate.

Angelo Genova and Jim Burns wished the group well in the following statement:

“Today, Newark-based Genova Burns LLC announces that a group of its nonequity partners will be departing to form their own law firm,” the statement said. “We wish them well in these competitive times.”

The firm noted the challenges of the sector.

“Succession planning is a challenge in the freewheeling legal professional market of today and can bring with it casualties, consequences as well as opportunities to those who remain committed to a law firm’s legacy and vision,” they wrote. “When not achieved, it opens the window to those who strike out on their own with a different vision.

“Like scores of other law firms, Genova Burns is not immune from the daily reality of the musical chairs of colleagues and the tensions of different goals.”

The two said the firm is ready to move forward.

“We are proud that we have contributed greatly to the professional reputations of these former colleagues, all of which were born of the heritage and professional standards, reputation and mentorship of Genova Burns LLC,” they wrote. “It will serve them well in their next professional chapter.

“With 35 years under its belt, Genova Burns LLC remains committed to its clients and its position of market leadership across numerous practice areas. As the firm bids farewell to its colleagues, it will continue to focus on strategic growth and excellence across all of its traditional service areas.”