Gov. Phil Murphy is showing how serious he is about making New Jersey the artificial intelligence hub for the East Coast.

On April 14, just days after hosting a major conference on AI on April 11 at Princeton University, the governor and a delegation of up to a dozen people from his administration, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority and Choose New Jersey, will head to Silicon Valley, where the governor will tell his vision for New Jersey and AI to numerous companies.

The trip, which will conclude April 17, will include a final day in Southern California, where the delegation will meet with film industry executives.

The governor is expected to announce more details of the trip during his keynote address at the ReNew Jersey Business Summit & Expo later Tuesday in Atlantic City. The event, put on by the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, is expected to draw approximately 1,000 business leaders and elected officials.

Murphy has long prided himself for his ability to be the state’s top salesman. One person familiar with the trip, but not authorized to discuss it publicly, said those skills are expected to be on full display in California.

“This trip is going to be very strategic,” the person said. “There are not going to be the general corporate meet-and-greets. The governor is very focused on AI.”

Murphy also is focused on building the state’s TV and film industry — a goal that has seen him make many trips to California since taking office.

The emphasis on AI is new — and really took off during the State of the State address Jan. 9, where he called it a “moonshot” project.

Murphy said he is determined to use the final years of his leadership in pursuit of this goal for the state.

“From revolutionizing the discovery of new drugs and medical treatments, to creating new, personalized educational tools that can dramatically improve literacy rates and math skills, whatever the challenge, we are going to harness generative AI to unlock a new generation of possibilities,” he said during the address.

“With our state’s talent, our resources and our thriving innovation ecosystem, we are going to pioneer breakthroughs — not for the benefit of a small group of stakeholders — but for the benefit of everyone.”

Like the internet was a generation ago, Murphy said the opportunities seemingly are limitless — pointing to potential new jobs and new commercial opportunities.

“The future of generative AI has yet to be written — and New Jersey can be the author,” he said then. “This is not just an economic opportunity for our families — it is, frankly, an imperative.

“Because, if we do not take the lead on AI, I guarantee you: Someone else will.”