Castaway Cannabis opens nautical-themed retail store in Delran

A new cannabis retail store with a unique nautical theme has opened in Delran. Castaway Cannabis‘ recent official launch invited the community to set sail and explore a new world of cannabis experience.

Located at 6006 U.S. 130, Castaway Cannabis offers an array of cannabis products in a one-of-a-kind setting. The store boasts an octopus-themed interior and is designed to transport customers to an immersive nautical environment. With over 70 parking spaces available, customers can easily embark on their journey to discover the best deals in the state.

Co-founder and President Marzena Weaver, a passionate advocate for health and wellness, said she is excited to introduce Castaway Cannabis to the community and share her wealth of experience in the health care field with cannabis enthusiasts. With a strong foundation in nursing and a successful track record as a small business owner in the home care industry, Marzena is dedicated to providing a safe, welcoming and educational environment for customers seeking high-quality cannabis products.

“As a woman-owned business, I am proud to bring Castaway Cannabis to Delran and leverage my background in health care to offer a unique and informed perspective on the benefits of cannabis,” Weaver said. “I believe that, by combining my experience in health care with the emerging cannabis industry, we can provide a holistic approach to wellness and help individuals make informed choices about their health and lifestyle.”

Castaway Cannabis said it is committed to offering a curated selection of premium array of cannabis products, expert guidance and a welcoming atmosphere that fosters learning and exploration. Weaver’s dedication to serving the community and empowering individuals to take control of their health aligns perfectly with Castaway Cannabis’ mission to provide a personalized and enriching cannabis experience.