Sanctuary Cannabis now open for recreational use in Scotch Plains

marijuana buds on white background. Close up of a marijuana flower

Sanctuary Cannabis, a multistate cannabis company dedicated to serving the community with a wide range of high-quality cannabis products, on Monday announced the expansion of its Scotch Plains dispensary to serve recreational cannabis users.

Located at 2581 U.S. 22, the expansion follows Sanctuary Cannabis’ successful launch as a medical cannabis provider and is now providing top-quality cannabis products to adult consumers in the Scotch Plains community.

“We’re thrilled to now offer our high-quality cannabis products to recreational consumers in the vibrant Scotch Plains community,” Jason Sidman, CEO of Sanctuary Cannabis, said. “Expanding our services aligns with our commitment to enhancing well-being, fostering positive relationships and ensuring accessible care for adults seeking safe and enjoyable cannabis experiences.”

“We are excited to provide a welcoming environment where adult consumers can access premium cannabis products and enjoy positive experiences,” he added.