Cooper University Health Care launches Direct Primary Care practice in Haddonfield

Cooper University Health Care recently announced that family practitioners Drs. James Runfola and Leonard Ridilla have joined the health system and launched a primary care practice in Haddonfield that redefines patient-provider relationships. Beginning April 1, Cooper will offer Direct Primary Care, a membership-based model designed to provide unparalleled access and personalized care.

DPC emphasizes one-on-one time and enhances accessibility to providers, setting it apart from traditional concierge services. At Cooper Direct Primary Care, patients pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to their dedicated physician.

“This unique model gives patients a personalized level of care. Patients who want more time and attention from their doctor can get it through this program,” Dr. Greg Taylor, medical director at Cooper Care Alliance, said.

With a combined experience of 50 years in the region, Runfola and Ridilla have worked in a DPC-model office for the past five years and understand the benefits of a program like this.

“All types of patients will find this model beneficial,” Runfola said. “From patients with chronic medical conditions to someone who wants access to their physician no matter the time of day.”

Patients who opt to join this membership and pay the monthly fee — separate and apart from their insurance premiums — will enjoy unlimited primary care visits without billing insurance directly, access to their provider’s cell phone, guaranteed same-day or next-day appointments, extended appointment times, access to the MyCooper electronic health record system, a variety of diagnostic services, preventative screenings, medically necessary referrals to specialists and more.

“Obviously, this is not for everyone, but if a patient would like a chance to be more deeply engaged with their primary care physician, they will now be able to get that at Cooper,” Ridilla said. “This level of access is not always possible otherwise. Patients who choose this model will be able to get same-day and next-day access to their provider, along with the option to speak with them over the phone after hours.”

Dr. Carman Ciervo, chief physician executive of Cooper Care Alliance, emphasizes the value of investing in one’s health through DPC.

“This is your chance to get your health to a more self-actualized point,” he said, pointing out the opportunity to participate in your own health care decisions and personalized treatment plans.