IPP purchases manufacturing plant in Lomazzo, Italy

Princeton Junction-based International Process Plants is showing how international it is, announcing the acquisition of a Henkel detergent manufacturing plant in Lomazzo, Italy, just days after the company bought a fermentation plant in Minnesota.

The move was made in collaboration with Maynards, according to Ron Gale, IPP’s president. Gale said the strategic move underscores IPP’s commitment to creating a sustainable lifecycle for manufacturing assets and delivering economic growth to regions affected by plant closures.

Ron Gale. (International Process Plants)

“We are excited to transform this site into a vibrant mixed-use residential and commercial estate that will contribute positively to the local economy and community,” Gale said. “This signifies our dedication to revitalizing communities that have been impacted by the shuttering of industrial manufacturing plants while also meeting the commercial needs of the seller.”

The Lomazzo plant is situated on a 10.7-acre parcel between Milan and Lake Como. The site, Gale said, offers picturesque views of the surrounding mountains, setting the stage for a promising project.

The transformation of the site will prioritize sustainability, with IPP and Maynards committing to resell all equipment and machinery to minimize environmental impact and maximize asset lifecycle. Gale emphasized the joint venture’s environmental commitments, noting an estimated 98% of materials on-site will be repurposed.

“This project aligns perfectly with the partnership’s core values of environmental responsibility and sustainable redevelopment,” Gale said. “By repurposing existing assets and embracing eco-friendly practices, we are creating value and contributing to a more sustainable future.”

IPP is a global leader in the purchase and supply of complete plant sites and process equipment. With offices in 14 countries and a 46-year track record, the company also has started selling new process equipment through Gale Process Solutions.

Maynards is a worldwide enterprise specializing in industrial services, primarily focusing on evaluating and marketing surplus plant equipment and machinery.