AtlantiCare lays out ambitious 6-year plan to transform health care at system and in region

VISION 2030, launched by new CEO Charlton, aims to use partnerships with top organizations to advance systemwide strategies to dramatically upgrade capabilities, results

There will be a significant leap forward in AtlantiCare’s digital transformation strategy, a clinical training affiliation that will help diversify the health care talent pipeline, an affiliation with a world-renowned cancer clinic and a partnership with a global neurosciences institute.

VISION 2030, the six-year initiative introduced by the health system Wednesday afternoon at its campus in Atlantic City, aims to reflect the ambitious, people-driven and reimagined approach of AtlantiCare under the leadership of CEO Michael Charlton, who was appointed to the position in October 2023.

AtlantiCare officials said VISION 2030 is focused on transforming the way health care is defined, measured and delivered nationwide. AtlantiCare’s plan prioritizes better outcomes achieved through innovation, compassion, integrity and humanity.

“VISION 2030 puts AtlantiCare in the driver’s seat of a new journey that upends the current paradigms prevalent in health care by investing in new technologies, accelerating transformation and ending disparities in care,” Charlton said. “All of this requires AtlantiCare to reimagine our business, make bold decisions and deliver care to our community in a way that is easy, frictionless and, above all else, steeped in humanity. Yes, our goals are ambitious. But they are achievable, because our team members are fully invested in the mission and the communities we serve.”

VISION 2030 comes with measurable goals in four key areas:

Serving community

  • Reduce food insecurity for patients by 6%;
  • Reduce unsheltered homelessness by 20%;
  • Expand life expectancy by 5 years;
  • Increase annual fundraising for the AtlantiCare Foundation by 20% year over year.

Workforce excellence

  • Establish a medical school in New Jersey to diversify and strengthen talent pipeline;
  • Establish AtlantiCare YOUniversity — a clinical career program launched earlier this year to grow talent locally;
  • Equip team members with best-in-class learning and development.

Accelerating transformation

  • Leverage real-time data to increase efficiency and improve care delivery;
  • Implement technology that transforms care and delivers frictionless experiences;
  • Utilize genomics and AI to drive personalized medicine;
  • Enable safe and seamless movement of information across an interconnected ecosystem.

Growing market share

  • Enhancing services and increasing access and excellence in key service line priorities, including behavioral health, cardiology, neurosciences, oncology and orthopedics, as well as an expanded emergency department;
  • Grow market share in the region by 5%;
  • Expand to a $2 billion organization.

The new partnerships are a big part of the vision. A look at four of them:

Oracle Health

The partnership with Kansas City-based Oracle Health will represent a significant leap forward in AtlantiCare’s digital transformation strategy.

“AtlantiCare Powered by Oracle Health” positions AtlantiCare to best serve its communities, patients and workforce, and represents a significant move forward in AtlantiCare’s digital transformation. Through the partnership, Oracle Health is providing the clinical and operational applications and secure, high-performance infrastructure AtlantiCare needs to remain at the forefront of the changing health care landscape.

AtlantiCare is also one of the first-named Innovation Partners for Oracle’s new generative artificial intelligence-based Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant. The technology enables clinicians to use voice commands to reduce time “on the computer” and focus more on patient interactions. AtlantiCare is providing essential feedback to help shape the solution.

In addition, AtlantiCare Powered by Oracle Health includes the Comprehensive Command Center, which provides near-real-time enterprise transparency that will help the network perform at peak efficiency, streamline operations and improve care delivery.

“Oracle and AtlantiCare have a shared mission to improve health care both for providers and the patients they serve,” Oracle EVP Mike Sicilia said. “Together, we are reimagining every aspect of a health care operation, from staffing and supply chain efficiency to using generative AI to help reduce burnout. Our goal is to help make AtlantiCare the model for more connected and effective care.”

Drexel University College of Medicine

AtlantiCare aims to increase the number of graduate medical students it already trains annually as part of the current AtlantiCare medical and residency programs. AtlantiCare has entered a Clinical Training Affiliation with Drexel University College of Medicine to provide clinical training to year 3 and year 4 medical students at its state-of-the-art facilities.

“Drexel University College of Medicine is excited about our collaboration with AtlantiCare,” Dean Dr. Charles Cairns said. “The region has a wonderful pool of compassionate people driven to care for their community and make their mark in health care. This affiliation will support excellent clinical training, inspire young minds, nurture top-notch medical professionals, enhance health innovation and ensure the pipeline of talent is equipped to meet the ever-growing and evolving needs of the region and beyond — from primary care to highly specialized medicine.”

Cleveland Clinic Cancer Institute

AtlantiCare has entered into an affiliation with Cleveland Clinic Cancer Institute to give patients access to their advanced research, clinical trials and nationally recognized expertise in cancer treatment and therapies.

As one of the top-ranked hospitals in the nation, Cleveland Clinic attracts patients from around the world seeking advanced treatments and expert knowledge. Cleveland Clinic Cancer Institute is collaborating with AtlantiCare to deliver high-quality care to patients through an affiliation designed to enhance and improve clinical quality, service delivery, cost management and patient experience. Through this affiliation, South Jersey residents will have streamlined access to national experts, ensuring them of a care plan that includes the latest advances in cancer treatment.

“We look forward to working with AtlantiCare because of our shared values and commitment to delivering clinical excellence,” Cleveland Clinic Vice Chair for Strategy and Enterprise Development Dr. Hetty Carraway said. “We are eager to share best practices to improve outcomes and safety and provide high-quality care for patients in South Jersey.”

Global Neurosciences Institute

AtlantiCare has entered a clinical partnership with Global Neurosciences Institute to take its nationally recognized, comprehensive neurosciences services to the next level of care.

GNI brings to the partnership experts who will enhance AtlantiCare’s already-robust services. This will include providing a comprehensive array of treatments and therapies, from a complete range of neurosurgical services supporting AtlantiCare’s Joint Commission Comprehensive Stroke Center designation combined with innovative functional neurosurgical procedures to neurology services treating diseases including Alzheimer’s disease/cognitive disorders, Parkinson’s disease/movement disorders, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and more.

“Our goal has always been to ensure that all patients have access to the best, most innovative care and treatment available,” GNI founder and CEO Dr. Erol Veznedaroglu said. “We are committed to eliminating barriers between narrowly focused medical specialties to enable holistic, collaborative, patient-centered care and are excited to work with AtlantiCare to make that vision a reality.”