Joyleaf to host ‘Week of Weeds & Wonders’ experience leading up to 4/20

The Joyleaf dispensary in Roselle is hosting a “Week of Weeds & Wonders.” It’s a sensory cannabis experience and weeklong series of enriching events designed to educate, destigmatize and celebrate cannabis culture.

Joyleaf said it prides itself on educating its customers on all things cannabis. The team offers plenty of friendly support and resources to help guide a customer’s experience with cannabis in a way beneficial to them for their specific needs.

“We are all about delivering joy. And we know joy comes in many forms; it’s the feeling you get when you’ve found the perfect edible to help you sleep, the fire preroll to help you turn up or the right cream to soothe aches and pains,” the Joyleaf website says.

That’s why, leading up to the 4/20 holiday, Joyleaf wants to provide its enthusiasts with all the necessary information to find the right products for the right moments.

“At Joyleaf, our commitment to hosting experiential and educational events is deeply rooted in our mission to destigmatize cannabis. Our events are designed not just as gatherings but as platforms for experiential learning,” Dharshini Casinathen, co-founder and president of Joyleaf, said.

To bring these moments to life, Joyleaf has curated sensory stations that allow customers to connect with cannabis through four senses: sight, sound, touch and smell. These stations provide new insights and education to customers.

“It’s essentially your science class happening in a dispensary,” Casinathen added.

Joyleaf’s Week of Weeds & Wonders includes:

  • Day 1 & 2 (April 15 & 16, body & bloom yoga): In partnership with Ohmie’s Yoga Studio in Roselle, Joyleaf will offer in-store yoga sessions that thoughtfully incorporate cannabis into the practice, promoting well-being and mindfulness.
  • Day 3 (April 17, vendor activation): A vendor showcase will create “moments” in-store, offering attendees a firsthand look at new product experiences and innovations in the cannabis space.
  • Day 4 (April 18, Sessions of Joy): The “Sessions of Joy” event will feature various sensory experiences, including:
    • See the unseen (microscopic meetup): A chance to observe the intricate beauty of cannabis flowers under microscopes, along with a raffle to win flower.
    • Aromatherapy experience: An interactive session highlighting the use of Linalool and Hulueme, accompanied by live fruit displays.
    • Soundscapes: Curated playlists to enhance the sensory experience of cannabis, available for listening through headphones.
    • Rolling station: A returning favorite, where expert rollers will demonstrate their craft.
  • 4/20 live event: On the day of April 20, Joyleaf will collaborate with “The Very Potent” to create an unprecedented on-site sensory experience at its booth.

“Our approach is holistic; we curate not only the products but also the ‘feelings’ of these moments, aiming to integrate cannabis seamlessly into daily life. We believe that, in the post-COVID retail landscape, customers are not just seeking transactions, but meaningful experiences and engagements. By bringing people together in our store for these events, we’re not just selling a product; we’re inviting our community into a space of learning and connection,” Casinathen said.