NJIT, NJII launch Learning and Development Initiative

School officials: LDI will offer professional education and organizational development opportunities that meet changing needs of higher education

New Jersey Institute of Technology, in a pioneering collaboration with the New Jersey Innovation Institute, has launched the Learning and Development Initiative, an effort they feel will bring cutting-edge professional development for both individuals and organizations, it was announced Monday.

LDI’s portfolio, which leverages the integrated technological, creative and innovative ecosystems of NJIT and NJII, will encompass a wide range of classes, events, workshops, workforce development programs and custom training opportunities, the organizations said.

Available to be delivered online, at the client’s location or at university or NJII facilities — including NJIT’s Newark campus, NJIT@ JerseyCity, NJII or COMET, an advanced manufacturing workforce development center — the LDI is committed to providing accessible and impactful learning experiences that enable individuals to thrive in a dynamic marketplace, officials said.

By combining the expertise and assets available from both NJII and NJIT, the LDI offers professional education and organizational development in a wide range of areas, including business management programs, such as Six Sigma and frontline management training; digital and technology upskilling with Google and Salesforce certifications; and essential skills training in cybersecurity, industrial manufacturing and more.

The full list of offerings can be found here.

NJIT Provost John Pelesko said the potential impact of the initiative is huge.

“The Learning and Development Initiative represents a transformative approach to professional education and organizational development,” he said. “By harnessing the collective strengths of NJIT and NJII, we are able to deliver innovative solutions that empower individuals and organizations to navigate and succeed in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.”

Pelesko said LDI is the type of forward-thinking initiative that is needed in the ever-changing world of higher education.

More info

For more information about the Learning and Development Initiative and its offerings, please contact Michael Edmondson, associate provost for continued learning, at Michael.edmondson@njit.edu.

“In an era characterized by constant disruption, continuous learning is essential for success,” he said. “The LDI equips individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing environment.”

NJII President Michael Johnson said the collaborative nature of the LDI will help set it apart from other programs.

“Together, we are dedicated to driving innovation and fostering economic growth through industry-focused research and workforce development,” he said. “The LDI exemplifies our commitment to providing cutting-edge educational experiences that empower individuals and organizations to thrive amidst disruption.”

Johnson underscored the importance of accessibility and flexibility.

“The LDI’s ability to offer classes and programs online, at our clients’ locations or at our various facilities ensures that learning opportunities are accessible to all,” he said. “We are committed to providing flexible solutions that meet the diverse needs of our learners.”