The Valley Hospital: Now open for care in Paramus

On Sunday, April 14, The Valley Hospital moved from Ridgewood to Paramus. The hospital is now located at 4 Valley Health Plaza in Paramus and is open to provide acute and emergency care to the community. The former facility, located at 223 N. Van Dien Ave. in Ridgewood, now known as Valley Health System – Ridgewood Campus, is transitioning to an outpatient health care destination, providing a variety of services designed to offer convenient care for the community.

The Valley Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility with 370 single-patient rooms. This new design offers an inviting and relaxing environment for healing. The single-patient design also brings patient privacy, reduces infection and provides ample space for patients and their loved ones to spend time together. Rooms are equipped with a private bathroom and family area.

Each room also features a 75-inch television, known as the digital footwall, which serves as a key communication tool between the patient, their care team and their family. It can display care team information, patient schedules, entertainment options, telemedicine video meetings, the ability to control the room environment and more. A room service delivery model for patient meals is available for all patients, allowing them to order meals at their preferred time using the digital footwall, a bedside companion table or a telephone located in their room.

The latest health technology and innovations have also been implemented, including an intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging suite, where a patient undergoing surgery can be brought in for an MRI before the surgery concludes to make sure nothing is missed. Other technological advancements in the hospital include Inspiren’s AUGI platform, a technology developed to prevent patient falls; smart beds; and Real-Time Location Systems that identify who from Valley’s care team is entering the room and display that information on the digital footwall.

For those requiring emergency care, The Valley Hospital Emergency Department has expanded, offering 80 rooms. Every room has a glass door with blinds to ensure patient privacy, eliminating traditional privacy curtains. There is also a dedicated Pediatric Emergency Department.

For patients welcoming a child, the hospital’s labor and delivery rooms have expanded in size. Similarly, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has changed from an open-bay care environment to large patient rooms, enhancing the care experience for patients and families.

The entire hospital facility was designed and constructed with sustainability efforts in mind. More than 30% of the hospital campus is dedicated to green space, featuring walking paths and gardens, two green roofs and a cogeneration plant that will produce 30-40% of the facility’s power depending on the season.

“All those who come through our doors will continue to be well served by Valley’s compassionate staff in this facility for generations to come,” said Audrey Meyers, CEO for Valley Health System.

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