Centenary introduces Human Performance Center to advance personal growth 

Centenary University announced Thursday the launch of an extensive menu of programs designed to foster intellectual growth, emotional competence and career success.

Presented predominantly online, the Centenary University Human Performance Center will offer courses that include coaching and mentoring, professional certificates and degree programs for a broad audience — from high school and college students to athletes, coaches, parents, veterans and career professionals.

“The new Centenary University Human Performance Center is dedicated to advancing personal growth and lifelong learning,” Centenary University President Dale Caldwell said. “We’ve assembled some of the world’s foremost experts on intellectual and emotional growth to present a comprehensive series of courses, at an affordable cost.”

In collaboration with the Human Performance Center, Centenary University Academic Affairs is also advancing a strategy for new degree-granting programs on the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral level.

Called the Human Flourishing Continuum, these academic programs will be built on the foundation set by Centenary’s Master of Arts in happiness studies — the world’s first degree of its kind — directed by Tal Ben-Shahar, a respected leader in his field.

As part of the Human Performance Center, Centenary has signed a partnership agreement with Growth-U, a national leader in online personal development courses that maximize individual potential, enhance mental health and mindset, and foster a dynamic personal vision.

Priced at $345 each, courses offered within the noncredit Short Course Learning Program at Centenary are fully online, range in length from 30 to 45 days, and are designed to be completed in just 10 to 15 minutes a day.

Growth-U courses currently offered through Centenary include:

  • For students and parents: College Readiness: 45 Days to Success; College Readiness for Parents: 45 Days to Success; College Success Program: 30 Days to Activate a Productive Mindset;
  • For athletes, coaches, parents and supportive adults: Peak Performance Athlete: 60 Days to Fueling a Winning Mindset; Peak Performance Coaches/Parents: 60 Days to Breakthrough Performance;
  • For working professionals, graduates, students and other adults: Transform U: 45 Days to Successful Habits; Mind Boosters: 30 Days to Amplifying Your Emotional State; Advanced Leadership: Six Weeks to Becoming an Outstanding Leader.