Hamilton Farms, N.J.’s smallest craft cannabis cultivator, lands on dispensary shelves

Hamilton Farms on Thursday announced it is delivering its inaugural harvest to dispensaries across the Garden State.

Hamilton Farms believes that cannabis is more than just a product; it’s an experience. The Millville-based cultivator said its craft cannabis is cultivated using sustainable and organic practices, ensuring that every strain is of the highest quality. The team at the facility hand-prunes, hand-trims and carefully cures each plant to preserve its unique terpene profile and deliver a truly exceptional experience.

“We’re incredibly proud to be the smallest cultivator to grow and sell its cannabis in New Jersey to date. It is a testament to how hard our team has worked,” CEO Rahul Patel said.

“We’re grateful to all of our partner dispensaries for helping make this dream a reality,” Chief Operating Office Kunal Lodaya said.

The first deliveries include six different strains: Critical Hog, Garlic Knots, Lamb’s Bread, Night Charmer, Slater’s Sweet Skunk and Wet Betty #2. Additional deliveries will follow April 20 — 4/20 — to help restock inventory.

The list of dispensaries receiving initial deliveries includes ANJA, Aunt Mary’s, Baked by the River, Botera, Dank Poet Dispensary, Daylite Cannabis, downtown FLWR, Earth & Ivy, Eastern Green Dispensary, Elevated by the CannaBoss Lady, Fire & Oak, Gynsyng, High Rollers Dispensary, the Highway 90, HoneyGrove, Jersey Meds, Kind Kush, Leaf Haus, Molly Ann Farms, Monteverde, NJ Leaf, Ohm Theory, Plantabis and Unity Rd.

Hamilton Farms said every plant it cultivates is a symbol of its love for the Garden State and the people who call it home. For Hamilton Farms, it’s not just about a great harvest, it’s about serving the community that has given it so much, appreciating each other and being a good neighbor.