Moran launching Moxie Strategies public affairs firm with all-star list of senior leaders

LaRue, Gabel, Shaikh and Libutti comprise top execs at national firm based in Asbury Park

Moxie Strategies, a diverse-, woman- and gay-owned firm led by veteran strategy consultant Maggie Moran and an all-star cast of senior leaders, will launch Monday morning.

The firm, which will be based in Asbury Park, will feature a highly regarded executive team, including:

  • Moran: CEO;
  • Jeannine Frisby LaRue: Executive vice president of strategy and business development;
  • Pearl Gabel: Executive vice president of creative and content;
  • Hira Shaikh: Senior vice president of client management;
  • Joe Libutti: Senior vice president of research and analytics.

Moran said Moxie Strategies will have the ability to implement national deliverables with the dexterity and nimbleness that can only be found in a boutique firm — and do it with a data-driven proprietary tool (Moxie 360) that will set it apart from firms of all sizes.

Moran feels Moxie Strategies has the right team at the right time.

The Moxie Strategies logo.

“This is a very unique group of remarkably talented practitioners coming together to create a new, modern firm — a firm that is dependent upon ethical AI and data, and one that has extraordinary breakthrough creative capabilities and an unparalleled ability to create successful strategies,” she said.

Moran said the size of the team is one of its key advantages.

“A boutique agency has a completely different approach than a large-scale agency,” she said. “As a firm, we can move at the same pace as a client.

“We take a deep dive into your challenge from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective. In addition to that, clients always are gaining counsel from senior-level practitioners from start to finish. The additional primary benefit of a boutique is our focus on innovation — it is our lifeblood. How can we consistently better serve our client needs and differentiate. Just look at the leadership of this firm — we see the world differently and it will enhance our offerings.”

The firm will offer services in strategy, public affairs and advertising featuring its proprietary diagnostic, Moxie 360.

“This data product enhances the unique depth we provide clients. In this world, external affairs are no longer a luxury. CEOs must protect and enhance their brand and community commitment as a primary objective.”

How Moxie Strategies will operate is just as important, Moran said.

“This is a firm that is relentlessly focused on outcomes — we aren’t a consultant, we are your partner, and your vision is our mandate,” she said.

“We have decades of combined experience in navigating and redefining complicated challenges. The organization could be managing risk, disrupting a market, increasing trust in their brand, advancing a regulatory matter or passing a ballot question. Firms today need have the capabilities to assist organizations in the public affairs priorities.”

“Achieving the client’s goals requires unique depth and bold impact strategies. Identifying where you are today, what the possibilities are and how to get there — understanding the causation and correlation of the stakeholders and audiences, which impact your brand, stock price, issue matters.”

The Moxie 360 diagnostic tool is a differentiator, she said.

“It allows us to come in and do a very deep dive into your organization, your culture, your priorities to understand whether you want to create disruption or manage disruption,” she said. “We give you a quantifiable, strategic pathway to do that — based on both data and real-world expertise.

“Bottom line — you want to get something done and you’re results-oriented — then, we’re the firm to call, we thrive on that kind of accountability. Trust me — there is nothing like us in the marketplace.”