Inside Moxie Strategies: The New Jersey-rooted firm transforming national public affairs

Navigating the ever-evolving arena of public affairs demands a mix of insight, expertise, resolve and moxie. As a new era dawns in New Jersey, Moxie Strategies emerges as the vanguard — a boutique national public affairs firm revolutionizing the art of strategy and the science of brand/issue advocacy.

Maggie Moran.

At the core of Moxie Strategies is a credo that is both our compass and our rally cry: “Unique Depth. Bold Impact.” We are the architects of change in a landscape that is hungry for transformation and where smart, data-fueled, digital-first tactics meet the spark of creative genius. For CEOs and trailblazers across the Garden State and beyond, the tightrope of balancing public opinion and regulatory landscape has never been more daunting. The power and influence of critical stakeholders has never been more important. The partner you need has been in the trenches, a collaborator who offers bespoke solutions to navigate these waters. Enter Moxie — our 360° Diagnostic℠ is a tool that serves as the cornerstone of our approach, offering a comprehensive analysis of your issue, brand or cause through a blend of quantitative and qualitative research.

What sets Moxie Strategies apart is not just our expertise, but the caliber of our practitioners. From Emmy Award-winning creatives to iconic New Jersey leaders, data scientists and seasoned strategists, our diverse team brings a wealth of experience and innovation to the table. As a boutique firm, we ensure that each client receives personalized attention and top-tier counsel — never getting lost in the shuffle of a larger agency. Our playbook is designed to deliver not just promises, but proof — concrete ROI that marks every campaign we touch.

Jeannine Frisby LaRue.

With a track record spanning diverse industries such as health care, higher education, energy, technology, issue advocacy, infrastructure and more, Moxie Strategies boasts a wealth of experience in propelling progress and achieving tangible results. We are not just strategy consultants; we are partners and problem-solvers in your journey towards success, shouldering your vision as our mandate and unlocking the keys to advancement through our skills, data and dedication.

As you stand at the crossroads of uncertainty and opportunity, we urge you to take that decisive step towards progress. Call upon Moxie Strategies and witness firsthand the transformative power of unique depth and bold impact in accomplishing your goals. Together, let us navigate the complexities of the modern public domain with unwavering resolve and unbridled innovation. If outcomes are your goal, make Moxie your first call.