Aqua New Jersey celebrates completion of newest PFAS treatment facility in Lawrence Township

Hamilton-based Aqua New Jersey leadership joined elected officials and community leaders to cut the ribbon on its newest PFAS treatment facility in Lawrence Township on Tuesday.

The celebration came less than one week after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency promulgated its maximum contaminant level of PFAS in drinking water and emphasizes Aqua’s ongoing commitment to providing safe and reliable drinking water to its customers.

On April 10, the EPA announced its final maximum contaminant level for PFAS “forever chemicals.” PFAS refers to a group of toxic chemicals used for a wide range of items, from non-stick cookware to upholstery manufacturing to firefighter training. In some areas, these chemicals have been sprayed on the ground or dumped by manufacturers and are now being found in watersheds and groundwater wells.

“Long before the EPA’s announcement last week, Aqua took a leadership role in addressing PFAS,” Aqua New Jersey President Natalie Chesko said. “This well has been offline for nearly 18 months, as we’ve worked to ensure the most effective solution in the absence of consistent regulations. With the EPA rule now in effect, we’re well-prepared to continue leading the way in testing and removal. This facility exemplifies Aqua’s ongoing investment in infrastructure and testing across our entire service area. I’m incredibly proud of our team’s dedication to safeguarding water security for all our communities.”

The facility, which will be fully operational May 1, will provide an extra layer of filtration to approximately 8,000 people in Lawrence Township through ion exchange treatment, which removes PFAS contamination from drinking water to levels compliant with the new EPA regulations.

“We’re grateful for Aqua’s unwavering commitment to the safety and reliability of our drinking water, not just here in Lawrence Township, but across the state,” Lawrence Township Mayor Patricia Hendricks Farmer said. “Our residents have peace of mind knowing their water is filtered for PFAS thanks to Aqua’s proactive planning and swift action.”

Aqua has been a leader in PFAS remediation through transparent communication and proactive treatment planning. Recognizing the severity of the problem, Aqua immediately began testing for and addressing PFAS more than seven years ago. In the absence of federal guidelines, the company set its own PFAS standard in 2020 and is progressing with plans to comply with the new EPA ruling across its service territory.