Pickleball Kingdom makes debut in Hamilton

Pickleball Kingdom Chandler

Pickleball Kingdom has opened in Hamilton. This is the first of the franchise’s many planned locations in the state, and another exciting step as part of Pickleball Kingdom’s ambitious expansion plans.

Located at 1100 Negron Drive, the Hamilton facility offers 14 state-of-the-art indoor courts that include outdoor surfaces. This gives players the best of both worlds and eliminates the problem of inclement weather. In addition, this location will have conference rooms, meeting areas, a lounge, ample parking and a mezzanine overlooking the courts.

Ace Rodrigues, founder and CEO of Pickleball Kingdom, could not be more pleased, stating: “The expansion into Hamilton is only the beginning. It paves the way for many New Jersey locations to come. With franchisee Sam Sood leading this location, we know that he will be ushering in new era of pickleball in New Jersey.”

With a focus on building community, this venue will be a staple for pickleball enthusiasts and novices alike. Some of the offerings will include open play sessions, leagues, tournament, professional instruction and corporate and social events.

“Pickleball Kingdom is a place where everyone is welcome,” Sood said. “The Hamilton location will embody the wonderful community aspects of pickleball while providing a premier and authentic pickleball experience. The sky is the limit for what we can accomplish here.

“Looking to the future, we have our eye set on Tom’s River next.”

Ace Rodrigues and Sam Sood.

As Pickleball Kingdom expands its reach globally, an invitation is open to ambitious individuals to explore the prospect of joining their franchise network. Prospective franchisees stand to gain from an opportunity to partner with the leader of the burgeoning world of pickleball.

Rob Streett, the chief operating officer of Pickleball Kingdom, remarked: “This presents an unprecedented entry into the nation’s fastest-growing sport. The possibilities for expansion are endless, with significant advantages awaiting pioneers in all markets.”