Jersey City launches 2 new programs to support veterans

Two new programs targeted to help military veterans were launched this week in Jersey City by the city’s Department of Health and Human Services Division of Veterans Affairs.

The first is Pets for Vets, a program that connects veterans with adopted dogs; the dogs provide emotional support to the veterans and, through the training they undergo, the dogs learn to recognize behaviors related to panic and anxiety.

The Veterans Affairs Department is offering Pets for Vets in partnership with Jersey City’s Police Department and Animal Care and Control.  For the entire month of May, pet adoptions will be free for all eligible veterans

The second program is called Veterans in Total Active Lifestyle, or VITAL, which consists of weekly activities involving support and meditation groups and programs that focus on nutrition and fitness.

“These important initiatives expand our commitment to provide veterans with the support and avenues essential to their success and well-being in civilian life,” said Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop, a Marine Corps veteran.  “It is our duty to provide them with the necessary resources for a smooth reintegration into society, especially considering the prevalent challenges concerning their mental and physical wellness.”

Jersey City encourages veterans and their families to learn more about all the available programs and opportunities by visiting the city’s Veterans Affairs website or calling 201-547-4919.