Ocean Casino Resort partners with Blade to offer helicopter flights from NYC to A.C.

BLADE X Ocean Casino Resort

Atlantic City’s Ocean Casino Resort will be flying guests by helicopter in style all summer long. On Tuesday, the hotel and casino resort announced its partnership with global air mobility platform BLADE to offer nonstop air travel from New York City directly to Ocean’s distinctive rooftop helipad.

“We are pleased to be partnering with BLADE to launch Ocean’s customer-facing, by-the-seat helicopter service throughout the summer,” Bill Callahan, general manager for Ocean Casino Resort, said. “Our customers have enjoyed privately chartered trips since we built our helipad last year, however adding a scheduled best-in-class travel experience provides yet another fantastic amenity to our award-winning beachfront resort.”

Guests can book seats on the six-passenger helicopter beginning May 25, with additional flights currently scheduled every Saturday in July and August, wrapping up on Labor Day Weekend.

Passengers will enjoy a seamless 40-minute trip from the BLADE Lounge West terminal on West 30th Street, Manhattan, to Ocean’s newly constructed helipad located on the roof of its customer garage, where they will be treated to a unique and personalized arrival, with dedicated concierge service and complimentary suite upgrade.

Moët & Chandon is Ocean’s official champagne partner for this launch. Every passenger who books a flight will receive an exclusive champagne tumbler and every BLADE x Ocean hotel package will include a chilled bottle of Moët Imperial.

“This is a natural extension for BLADE to complement its Hamptons and airport routes,” Roisin Branch, chief marketing officer of BLADE, said. “We have seen a meaningful increase in charter requests from Manhattan to Atlantic City recently and we are excited to make the flights more accessible to a broader audience over the summer.”

Flights and packages including complimentary suite upgrades can be booked directly here.