Ocean Power Technologies demonstrates advanced AI solutions in North Atlantic

Monroe-based Ocean Power Technologies on Monday said it completed multiple offshore demonstrations for potential customers of its artificial intelligence-capable Maritime Domain Awareness Solution, Merrows.

Merrows underlines the critical importance of ocean security’s role in national security. It is OPT’s groundbreaking solution offering comprehensive ocean surveillance.

These demonstrations were conducted using the recently deployed Next Generation PowerBuoy. Further demonstrations for additional potential customers, including overseas prime contractors, are already scheduled to occur over the next few weeks.

The successful field demonstrations put OPT into the unique position of showcasing the fully functional Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance capabilities of the PowerBuoy, bypassing the need for lengthy paper studies and accelerating the sales cycle. With survivability and cybersecurity in mind, OPT can securely connect into this solution from anywhere in the world. In addition to generating actionable intelligence, the data can also be used as a feed into Large Language Models or other Advanced AI systems.

“There is no better tool to onboard new customers than to see our PowerBuoy-based Maritime Domain Awareness Solution in its natural element, the open ocean. These field demonstrations truly highlight the advanced algorithms of the Merrows offering. They are helping us advance and accelerate our sales efforts and continue the revenue growth trajectory we have reported,” Philipp Stratmann, CEO and president of Ocean Power Technologies, said.