Historic New Bridge Landing’s new visitor center in River Edge unveiled

A new 3,750-square-foot visitor center and museum building that is planned for Historic New Bridge Landing is one step closer to reality with the recent unveiling of the final approved building plans by the Bergen County Historical Society. The BCHS shared both the colored renditions by architectural firm Arcari & Iovino Architects along with detailed drawings in hopes of strengthening donor support to help complete the project, whose groundbreaking is slated for fall.

“A capital campaign to raise funds for all facets of the project that includes ground-up construction and interior exhibit space launched last year with great success. Individual and corporate donors stepped up to the plate to support us; however, more funding is needed to ensure this project’s success,” BCHS Building Chairperson Deborah Powell said.

The new building will enhance visitor experience and blend in with the five historic buildings on the 13-acre landmark site located along the Hackensack River. It will serve as the gateway and orientation center to the site and offer needed visitor amenities such as four ADA-compliant bathrooms and space for programming. A second floor will provide temperature-controlled collections storage space.

According to Powell, “The Historic New Bridge Landing experience will begin at the new visitor center building, which will serve as the threshold to the site.”

The building will have exhibit space for interactive displays, some digitalized, and site-specific exhibits to enhance learning. The BCHS’ collections include over 4,000 objects of historical significance, including documents, textiles and artifacts such as relics found during archaeological excavations.

“We are hoping to raise $1.2 million based on the scope of work as outlined in our capital costs,” Powell added. “The building’s capacity will accommodate over 100 people, so we can host large groups such as school field trips. It will be open year-round regardless of weather.”

The plan calls for the new center and museum to be visitor-ready before the country’s 250th anniversary (“semiquincentennial”) on July 4, 2026.

“The new building will serve to educate the public on the important role our area played as a Native American and Colonial settlement and also as a fort, encampment and military headquarters during in the American Revolutionary War,” Powell said.

The Bergen County Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and 100% of donations go to fulfilling the mission of building the new visitor center and museum building. For more information, please contact Martha Morley at 201-493-7996 or visit bergencountyhistory.org and click the “Support” link.