QuidelOrtho opens new distribution center in Pedricktown

Center expands distribution footprint, reduces waste with greener packaging

QuidelOrtho Corp. on Thursday said it has opened a state-of-the-art distribution center in Pedricktown. This endeavor epitomizes the San Diego-based provider of diagnostic tests and platforms for various health conditions’ commitment to strengthening supply chain resilience and elevating the customer experience. In collaboration with a third-party logistics provider, this investment in redundancy and capacity is designed to enable QuidelOrtho to fulfill customer orders with agility.

“At QuidelOrtho, we embrace a culture of relentless improvement. With the startup of our second distribution center in the United States, we’re making great strides in maintaining and enhancing a truly robust supply chain approach to distribute our products,” Phil McLellan, senior vice president, operations, QuidelOrtho, said. “This milestone underscores our dedication to operational excellence and responsiveness to customer feedback.”

QuidelOrtho values sustainable growth and establishing eco-friendly supply chains, also moving to greener packaging for some of its shipments. Its supply chain team has tested a new, paper-based insulation that is fully “curbside” recyclable. While the new packaging will not span every shipment type, it is expected to positively impact an estimated 15-20% of QuidelOrtho’s domestic shipments, transitioning over the next several months in the U.S.

“Building upon our responsible resource management, we are proud of this step toward reducing our environmental footprint,” McLellan said. “By embracing innovative solutions and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, we’re promoting operational excellence and environmental stewardship.”