Trenton gets its 1st licensed adult-use dispensary — Moja Life

Moja Life, the very first licensed adult-use dispensary in Trenton, opened its doors Monday by celebrating with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and local leaders in attendance.

Located at 28 S. Warren St. and owned by legacy market operator John Dockery, Moja Life marks a significant milestone, not just for the industry, but for the city itself.

Moja Life isn’t just a high-end retail location to buy cannabis; it’s a testament to the
transformative power of second chances and a beacon of hope for Trenton residents.

Dockery is a man deeply woven into the fabric of the community and a living embodiment of the Moja Life philosophy. After decades traversing the legacy cannabis market, he witnessed firsthand the injustices of marijuana prohibition as well as the hurdles placed in front of social equity entrepreneurs. Yet, his dream of owning a legal dispensary, a symbol of living authentically and taking a leap of faith, never faltered.

“The system is almost never designed for people with my background to succeed, so, too often, we are left to grind it out in the shadows; but, now, I can take what I became known for in the legacy market — having the best cannabis — and sell it in a legal storefront in downtown Trenton. This is something I’ve only dreamed of before now,” Dockery said.

Now, with Moja Life, Dockery isn’t just fulfilling his own dream; he’s creating a path for others.

Renowned in the legacy market for his unwavering commitment to quality and community, Dockery’s passion translates seamlessly into the regulated space. At Moja Life, you can experience the same dedication to exceptional products, elevated customer service and a welcoming atmosphere — all within a high-end retail environment.

Moja Life’s mission goes beyond providing cannabis. It’s built on the powerful philosophy of “having the faith to seize opportunities and make the most out of one’s life.” As the name suggests, Moja (meaning “one” in Swahili) emphasizes the importance of individual experiences and the potential for personal growth.