CMA, in bold branding play, reveals new logo, color scheme and website

Princeton Junction-based CMA, one of the top marketing and association management agencies throughout New Jersey and greater Philadelphia, unveiled a dynamic new brand identity that it feels reflects its core strength and showcases what it does best for its clients: push the boundaries of creativity.

The new branding encompasses a new logo design; a vibrant color palette; sleek, modern fonts; captivating imagery; and a revamped website.

CMA President Christian Amato said each element is meticulously crafted to embody the agency’s bold corporate vision and core values: to deliver unparalleled creativity and seamless collaboration that drives impactful results.

“This rebrand is more than a new look,” he said. “It signifies our ongoing evolution as a creative powerhouse in the marketing, association management and event services industries.

“We’re always exploring new ways to spark creativity and tell brand stories this world has yet to see — with unparalleled and innovative approaches. We always believe we can do something bigger, better, bolder for our clients, and this branding reflects this commitment.”

The new CMA logo features bold, stylized letters in a rich burgundy color. Each letter is crafted with interconnecting lines, symbolizing the synergy and unity of individual components coming together to form a cohesive whole, much like CMA itself.

The color palette modernizes the agency’s traditional burgundy of the last 37 years to a more vibrant hue, complemented by dynamic blue, green and yellow accents. Amato says these colors capture the agency’s true spirit: tradition, boldness, empowerment and calmness — all emotions that CMA strives to evoke in its clients with every partnership.

The new website aims to dazzle with a visually stunning, user-friendly design highlighting the agency’s most recent award-winning work. Current and potential clients can explore success stories, discover the agency’s full range of services — from web-based marketing and creative to event planning and association management — and gain valuable insights from the team’s thought leadership content.

“Our website is a crucial touchpoint,” Kelsey Tweedly, CMA’s director of business integration, said. “The new design empowers us to vividly showcase our capabilities and inspire clients to reach unprecedented heights in creative marketing, association management and event services.”

Jeffrey Barnhart, CMA’s founder and CEO, said the rebranding comes at a time of significant growth for the agency.

“The agency has recently expanded its service offerings and team of experts,” he said. “With its bold new look, relentless dedication to creativity, and a powerhouse leadership team, CMA is set to deliver game-changing results for its clients in the years ahead.”