Connell Co. celebrates grand opening of FIELDHOUSE at the Park in Berkeley Heights

A second location of luxury fitness and wellness club FIELDHOUSE is open in Berkeley Heights, according to the developer, the Connell Co.

Located at the Park — a 185-acre mixed-use lifestyle campus that brings a hospitality-centric solution to the traditional shopping, dining and work environments, the FIELDHOUSE is the first business to open within the District at the Park, a new 12-acre lifestyle destination under development, which will bring 328 residential units and 185,000 square feet of entertainment, dining and retail offerings to a central pedestrian corridor known as Main Street.

“The Park is undergoing a $500 million transformation from office campus to a 24/7 live-work-stay destination,” Shane Connell, executive vice president at the Connell Co., said. “As the inaugural business to open within the District at the Park, FIELDHOUSE plays a pivotal role in our goal to recast the Park’s workspaces as a five-star luxury work resort that fosters a new culture of work/life balance as well as add destination wellness concepts to the campus. With its elevated suite of fitness and wellness uses, FIELDHOUSE embodies the essence of the Park’s ethos, which is to create a compelling place for tenants and the surrounding community to come together — whether it’s before, during or after the workday.”

Unlike conventional workplaces, the Park integrates dynamic on-campus amenities to bring the ‘work resort’ concept to life for its professionals and local residents. At the cornerstone of this approach is FIELDHOUSE, which spans 28,000 square feet, sets a new standard for luxury fitness experiences and is available for memberships and tenants of the Park.

From cutting-edge training equipment to expertly curated programming that includes pilates, yoga, boxing, meditation and more, every detail is designed to inspire and elevate its members’ fitness routines. The gym’s atmosphere encourages a sense of community, making wellness both an enjoyable and social pursuit.

FIELDHOUSE programming includes classes, such as Yoga Sculpt, Tone, Move, Strong, Pilates, Sweat & Stretch and more, led by a team of leading fitness professionals including Ryan Kennedy, fitness director; Tara Tomaino, nutrition director; Susan Labunski, holistic coach; Austin Bardaji, Fieldhouse 200 manager; and more.

Members will also have access to a game room, with a pingpong table, pool table and coworking space; a dedicated meditation room to promote wellbeing; nap and recovery rooms to embrace the power of rest; in-house nutritionists to guide personalized wellness journeys; personal training; and a rich array of social programming.

FIELDHOUSE, located at 400 Connell Drive in Berkeley Heights, is now open daily. The current hours are 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday-Friday and 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday-Sunday. Memberships begin at $150.