TESU extends in-state tuition rates to Pennsylvania residents

The board of trustees of Thomas Edison State University on Thursday said it approved a significant initiative to extend the in-state undergraduate tuition rate for New Jersey students to Pennsylvania residents.

Beginning with August registration, Pennsylvania residents will benefit from the in-state tuition rate of $427 per credit, the same rate that applies to New Jersey residents. Out-of-state tuition is $556 per credit.

“At Thomas Edison State University, our mission is to remove barriers and create opportunities for adult learners to achieve their educational and career goals,” Merodie Hancock, president of TESU, said. “By extending in-state tuition rates to Pennsylvania residents, we are expanding our reach and making higher education more accessible and affordable. This decision, coupled with our competitive tuition rates, reinforces our position as New Jersey’s leader in online education.”

TESU’s tuition is among the lowest in the state, providing substantial value to students seeking flexible and innovative online education. Per-credit tuition rates do not apply to nursing students or graduate students.

TESU is a leader in online education for adults, offering a wide array of undergraduate and graduate programs designed to meet the needs of working professionals. The university’s commitment to affordability, accessibility and academic excellence continues to attract students from diverse backgrounds, fostering a dynamic and inclusive online learning environment.

For more information about Thomas Edison State University’s programs and tuition rates, please visit tesu.edu.