Kaplan offering new look for new generation in Sayreville

Longtime developer in town feels Camelot West at TowneLake represents modern-day wants and desires

Kaplan Cos. has been building housing in Sayreville for generations. Its latest project, Camelot West at TowneLake, is different.

The 176-unit rental community, off Main Street at 5101 Brown Road, is a direct response to the changing demographics of Sayreville — which is shifting to younger professionals and commuters.

Jason Kaplan, the president of Kaplan Cos., explained the thought process in the development of a variety of housing types.

“Historically, a lot of (Sayreville) is made up of single-family and condo-type products,” he said. “We do own other rentals in town. This is more of a luxury rental product that hits the young, urban professional demographic.

“I think this goes hand-in-hand with that philosophy of giving more offerings for the people in New Jersey.”

The property, comprising seven four-story buildings, also will serve as a potential welcome for the next generation, Kaplan said.

“This becomes a steppingstone for people to get into Sayreville,” he said. “If they’re not sure that they want to be in the town, they can rent for a year, then decide if it’s worth it. They want to make the investment and then a lot of them move up and move into a home that we may have built before on a resale or other homes in town.”

Camelot West at TowneLake is one of many communities that Kaplan has in the Sayreville area. It has been creating housing there since the 1960s.

The development is adjacent to Townelake, a multiphased single-family neighborhood of approximately 400 homes and 184 apartments that Kaplan previously constructed. Both properties are around a man-made lake.

Kaplan said the variety of housing options brings is important.

“I think what we’ve seen is that younger people want to be more mobile,” he said. “People are waiting longer to get married and settle down. So, I think by having a luxury rental community, it gives them some flexibility.”

That flexibility includes the ability to work remotely.

“What we tried to create are luxury rentals, bigger spaces (where) people can work from home or they can commute to Sayreville,” he said. “We always felt it was a great location just because of its proximity to Manhattan, but also a beautiful suburban town. It gives them a little bit of everything.”

Kaplan noted a number of the key amenities:

  • Elevators;
  • Resort-style pool;
  • Lounge;
  • Firepit;
  • Complimentary surface parking;
  • Designer kitchens;
  • Decorative lighting;
  • Dog park;
  • Dog wash;
  • Children’s playground.

Kaplan said these amenities work to ensure that Camelot West at TowneLake has modern-day impact.

“It’s the equivalent of a modern condo that you buy,” he said.