Inspira Health opens new Behavioral Health Services facility in Salem

A new involuntary Behavioral Health Services facility has opened in Salem County, according to a Friday announcement from Inspira Health.

The new addition of involuntary beds in Mannington allows individuals to receive critical care in an environment that supports healing and recovery.

Previously, patients from Salem County in need of access to involuntary behavioral health care had to seek or be transported to Inspira services in neighboring Cumberland County. The addition now of these beds in Mannington allows individuals to receive critical care closer to home.

“In an effort to serve our community better, we are making significant improvements to how we deliver behavioral health care,” Amy Mansue, CEO and president of Inspira Health, said. “By bringing involuntary beds to Salem County, we enable our patients to receive the care and support they need within their own community, which is a tremendous step forward in our mission. This investment speaks to our devotion to patient outcomes and safety for both our patients and employees.”

A newly hired staff, specially trained to manage the needs of the behavioral health services, will support the new involuntary services at Inspira Medical Center Mannington. The team will consist of a diverse group of health care professionals, including a nurse practitioner, registered nurses, social workers and art therapists.

The unit will provide 24/7 services and support for individuals 18 years and older facing significant psychiatric challenges that could also be potentially compounded by substance use disorders. The staff’s multidisciplinary approach draws on evidence-based care and community-identified programming needs to restore health and prevent long-term relapse.

“Our mission is to provide a supportive environment for healing and recovery,” Deena Tampi, vice president of behavioral health at Inspira Health, said. “From individualized treatment plans, including art therapy, our team is equipped to customize care that optimizes the patient’s strengths and addresses the complexities of their conditions with compassion and respect.”