HillviewMed brings successful medical cannabis flower line brand to adult-use market

HillviewMed of Pequannock said Thursday that it is answering consumer demand and launching its premium line of cannabis flower and prerolls in the New Jersey adult use market.

Led by founder and CEO Ken VandeVrede, “Hillview Farms” is now available in 10 select dispensaries and will be available in over 100 dispensaries by the end of the year, as the company continues to scale production capacity.

“Of all our business ventures over the years, Hillview Farms has been the biggest labor of love. Coming from an agricultural family, it makes sense for us to use our over 60-year legacy of growing everything from flowers, herbs, leafy greens and food to bring our cannabis flower to New Jersey’s adult use market,” VandeVrede said. “We truly believe that the greater public deserves the same clean, quality and compliant cannabis products that we’ve been supplying the New Jersey medical market for the past year and a half.”

Hillview Farms’ line of cannabis products currently include six strains of cannabis flower including indica, sativa and hybrid varieties. With multiple dispensary partners across the state of New Jersey, customers will have more accessibility than ever to experience Hillview’s premium cannabis flower and preroll products.

HillviewMed was awarded its medical cannabis cultivation license after the 2019 Request for Applications. Being the first to market of those awarded, Hillview has been supplying the New Jersey medical cannabis market with premium flower products since December 2022.

“Our mission is to provide high-quality cannabis products to both the medical and adult-use markets. Our agricultural and cannabis cultivation experience is what sets us apart from other providers of cannabis products,” Dan VandeVrede. Hillview’s chief operating officer, said. “Our objective is to continue to serve our New Jersey community by providing quality cannabis products.”