RFP/RFQ for Basin Holdings Redevelopment in Carteret’s Chrome Waterfront

The Borough of Carteret is seeking a qualified and experienced redeveloper or joint venture of redevelopers for the purposes of redeveloping Block 304, Lot 4in Carteret, New Jersey.

The parcel consists of 6.986 acres (304,308 square feet) and is located within the Chrome Waterfront Redevelopment Area with zoning governed by the Chrome Waterfront Redevelopment Area Plan.

It is the intention of this Request for Proposals/Request for Qualifications (“RFP/RFQ”) and the Borough Council to actively pursue a redeveloper agreement that will set forth a practical strategy for redevelopment within this area that is consistent with the Borough’s Redevelopment Plans, as well as other goals and objectives that are set forth within the Borough’s Master Plan.

Download the full RFP/RFQ on Dropbox

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