Cenntro highlights delivery of all-electric Class 4 Logistar 400 vehicles to customers and dealers

Freehold-based Cenntro Inc. said it delivered more than 20 U.S.-assembled Class 4 Logistar 400 vehicles to its customers and dealers in the month of May.

“After thorough testing and certification, we are ramping assembly and delivery of the LS400 to our West Coast and broader U.S. customer base,” Peter Wang, CEO of Cenntro, said. “We are seeing strong interest in the LS400 and future series models, which are currently undergoing testing and certification.”

“With approval for California Air Resources Board certification, and CARB’s Zero-Emission Powertrain Certification, we believe we can drive sales in California and continue to propel commercial fleet electrification throughout the United States. We believe Cenntro’s product line provides our fleet customers with the ability to electrify their fleet, reduce their carbon footprint and significantly lower their cost of operations. Moreover, we are also working to develop more purposely built electric commercial vehicles for the United States electric vehicle market.”