Valley Hospital Fertility Center holds annual Baby Jubilee

Cute little babies on white background

The Valley Hospital Fertility Center in Paramus has made parenthood possible for many area couples. To that end, the center recently hosted its annual Baby Jubilee to celebrate all of the babies born and families created over the past few years.

The Baby Jubilee offers families the chance to enjoy a formal reunion with the center’s doctors, nurses and staff who helped them achieve their dreams of parenthood. During this well-attended event, families also socialize with one another, sharing stories from their personal journeys, discussing parenting advice and making lasting friendships. More than 150 families attended this year’s event.

“The Baby Jubilee event was such a full-circle moment for me, and I can imagine it was for so many other parents, too,” Jill Marmo, a former patient, said. “The doctors and staff at Valley’s Fertility Center are such an integral part of your life as you are going through the IVF process like I did, or other treatments, but, then, if you are lucky enough to get pregnant, you move on from the practice. It’s a bittersweet separation, so to have this opportunity to see them all again and introduce them to my daughter was a special opportunity.”

“My experience with the Valley Hospital Fertility Center was top-notch, from the first visit until my son was born,” Jamie Piccinich, another former patient, said. “After conceiving my first child naturally, it was difficult and frustrating to find out that I had to use fertility services in order to conceive my second, who I so desperately wanted. However, everyone from the front desk staff to the doctors themselves made the process as painless as it could be. Everyone became a family, as I was seeing them sometimes four to five times a week depending on the part of the cycle I was in. They were kind and sensitive, but honest and upfront, which I appreciated.”

“The Baby Jubilee was an amazing opportunity to witness how many families the Valley Hospital Fertility Center has helped to grow,” Heather DeGrace, a former patient, said. “Infertility can feel very isolating, and the Baby Jubilee not only exposed us to other families who’ve had to go through IVF to build their family, but it also served as an important reminder of how much joy can be found at the end of a journey that can sometimes feel hopeless, especially if you’re not successful on the first IVF attempt. Being invited to the Baby Jubilee was pivotal for me, another chance to pinch myself and sit in the reality that I am finally a parent and be surrounded by others who understand what this journey can be like.”