Genova Burns’ Sheehan appointed co-chair of NJSBA Renewable Energy, Cleantech and Climate Change Committee

Genova Burns LLC Partner Kenneth Sheehan has been appointed co-chair of the Renewable Energy, Cleantech and Climate Change Committee of the New Jersey State Bar Association for the 2024-2025 term.

The appointment reflects Sheehan’s extensive experience and dedication to advancing renewable energy and environmental law.

The NJSBA recognizes the critical role that its committees play in advocating for the legal profession, the interests of the bar association and the public. In his new role, Sheehan will co-lead efforts to promote the development and implementation of policies and practices that support renewable energy, cleantech innovations and climate change mitigation.

Sheehan has built his career in energy law, with a focus on renewable energy and environmental sustainability. With over two decades of experience, he has advised public and private clients on a wide range of issues including regulatory compliance, project development and financing for renewable energy projects. His expertise spans across solar, wind, hydroelectric and other clean energy technologies.

Before joining Genova Burns, Sheehan served in various high-profile positions where he was responsible for shaping energy policies and regulations. His background includes serving as the chief counsel and director, Office of Clean Energy, for the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. His work has been instrumental in driving New Jersey’s transition to a more sustainable energy landscape.

“We are thrilled to see Ken’s dedication and expertise recognized by the NJSBA,” Chairman Angelo Genova said. “His leadership in the renewable energy, cleantech and climate change committee will undoubtedly contribute to meaningful advancements in these critical areas.”

Sheehan’s appointment comes at a time when the legal profession and public service sectors are increasingly called upon to address the challenges posed by climate change.

“I am honored to accept this appointment and look forward to working alongside my colleagues to further the goals of the state, the NJSBA, and the need for a sustainable energy future,” he said.