Bordentown provider of stormwater management acquires environmental consulting company

TIGRIS Aquatic Services, a Bordentown-based provider of stormwater management services, on Monday announced it acquired Aquatic Analysts, a full-service environmental consulting company specializing in lake, pond and watershed management. Based in Stillwater Township, the acquisition further expands TIGRIS’ service capabilities and geographic reach in the Northeast region.

Established in 1984 by Larry Kovar, Aquatic Analysts is a pioneering force in lake and pond management in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions. Known for its scientific approach and specialized equipment, Aquatic offers comprehensive environmental consulting and water management services to over 200 clients annually, including some of the most prestigious water bodies in the region.

“We are so honored to partner with one of the most reputable companies in our industry,” David Pullins, CEO of TIGRIS, said. “Larry was one of the first players in the region and his leadership gave rise to numerous other companies. By joining forces with Aquatic Analysts, TIGRIS is obtaining new expertise and resources offering more comprehensive solutions to our customers.”

“The Aquatic Analysts team is thrilled to join forces with TIGRIS,” Kovar said. “Working alongside like-minded professionals who prioritize their people and are dedicated to delivering outstanding service is incredibly gratifying. We are proud of what we’ve built and excited to help elevate TIGRIS to the number one service provider in the country.”