Zimmel helps facilitate 3 leases: law firm, golf course renovation company and movers

Three leases, two in Somerset County and one in Monmouth County, have been orchestrated by Jordan Zimmel, president of Zimmel Associates. The new business further exemplifies the firm’s reputation for real estate excellence and its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its clients.

Levine, Furman and Rubin LLC, esteemed estate planning and elder law attorneys from East Brunswick, sought premium office space in the Monroe, Marlboro or Morganville area. Leveraging his expertise, Zimmel identified a promising sublease opportunity. When the subtenant negotiated a buyout, Zimmel transitioned to a direct lease agreement with the landlord, securing a 5,000-square-foot space “as-is” for a five-year term under the original sublease conditions. This prime property located at 1113-1116 Campus Drive W. in Morganville, managed by CBRE, is now the new home for Levine, Furman and Rubin LLC, with Zimmel representing the tenant and orchestrating a flawless transaction.

In Bernardsville, Zimmel executed a lease agreement with LaBar Golf Renovations, a golf course renovation company. Initially leasing 1,500 square feet at 150 Morristown Road, LaBar expanded by an additional 1,100 square feet within a year due to the area’s potential and its business growth. Following the property’s sale from Denholtz Properties to Pride Global and LaBar’s subsequent business boom, it opted for a substantial expansion, leasing an additional 5,400 square feet for seven years. As a result, it will be relinquishing its initial spaces. Zimmel managed both sides of this transaction, ensuring a seamless process for all parties involved.

The third major lease orchestrated by Zimmel was at 5 W. Chimney Rock Road in Bridgewater, a 22,000-square-foot building managed by Zimmel Associates. The building’s front section was leased to an existing tenant needing additional space after its original building and nearby buildings were demolished to make way for a larger structure. This transition freed up 8,000 square feet, which was promptly leased by Palmieri Movers, a family-owned and operated business.

“Palmieri Movers had been in regular contact with us for years regarding this park, but we previously had no suitable space to meet their requirements,” Zimmel said. “Coincidentally, they reached out to us just as the 8,000 square feet became available. Seizing the opportunity, they immediately decided to lease the space for five years. This timely arrangement benefitted both parties, showcasing our commitment to accommodating the changing needs of our clients.”