Murphy, in proclamation, designates June as Immigrant Heritage Month in N.J.

Gov. Phil Murphy issued a proclamation designating June 2024 as Immigrant Heritage Month, in recognition and celebration of the invaluable contributions that immigrants have made — and continue to make — to the state.

A spokesperson for the state said the proclamation underscores the administration’s commitment to honoring the rich cultural diversity, resilience and strength that immigrant communities bring to our society.

The proclamation specifically notes the impact the more than 2 million immigrants “from every corner of the globe” have had on the economy.

The proclamation says: “Immigrants continue to grow businesses, innovate, strengthen our economy and create jobs.”

A spokesperson for the Governor’s Office said the proclamation is well deserved.

“It is an opportunity for all residents to acknowledge and celebrate the profound impact of immigration on our state’s history, economy, and cultural fabric,” the person said.