BofA gives $50K grant to Community Hope to help assist veterans who are homeless or suffering from mental illness

Alberto Garofalo.

Bank of America has awarded a $50,000 grant to Community Hope, a New Jersey-based nonprofit that provides the necessities of life to homeless veterans and those with severe mental diagnoses, and their families.

These necessities include essential shelter, food, clothing and medicine.

Community Hope delivers housing and support services to homeless veterans in its veterans transitional housing initiative, which includes the 95-bed Hope for Veterans Program, and also through its Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program.

“Community Hope is thrilled to have been selected to receive an award from Bank of America. The foundation’s generosity will go a long way toward allowing us to continue to provide essential services to some of the most at-risk and underserved members of New Jersey communities,” Community Hope CEO Carmine Deo said. “We appreciate BofA’s generous support and continued investment in our activities throughout New Jersey.”

Community Hope reports that the need for essential services, particularly shelter for homeless veterans, exponentially increased across the counties they serve when the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (better known as the CARES Act) expired. It credits the Bank of America grant as a major reason it can continue to meet current demands and prepare for future spikes.

The grant is part of Bank of America’s philanthropic giving efforts in local communities. Awardees were selected for their commitment to improving the lives of individuals and families, including health and jobs.

“Access to safe and suitable housing is a core issue that determines many factors for an individual, including health, education and future employment opportunities,” said Alberto Garofalo, Bank of America’s president for New Jersey. “Individuals with mental illness and our veterans deserve the utmost support and resources, and thanks to partners like Community Hope, not only is access to housing provided, but also crucial support services — like transitional housing and mental health services, which are necessary for the path to success.”

Community Hope has been providing individuals with housing and support services since 1985. Today, it serves hundreds of people suffering from mental illness on an annual basis.

To learn more about Community Hope, click here.