Wall-to-wall movie action: Largest ScreenX auditorium in world coming to American Dream

American Dream prides itself on being a little extra.

So, it’s no surprise that when B&B Theatres brings its cinema and entertainment experience to its first location in New Jersey, it is bringing the world’s largest ScreenX auditorium in the world.

ScreenX, developed by CJ 4DPLEX, is the world’s first multiprojection cinema that enhances the traditional moviegoing experience by seamlessly extending the screens onto the surrounding walls of the auditorium. This revolutionary approach offers viewers a captivating 270-degree panoramic viewing adventure. Through its unique presentation of key scenes and exclusive scenic elements, ScreenX immerses audiences in an unparalleled visual environment, reimagining the way movies are experienced.

Seats in a theater.

The new ScreenX location will be the largest ScreenX auditorium in the world, with a massive 80-foot-wide center screen and side walls measuring 82 feet each, boasting 242 feet of ScreenX viewing range for the moviegoer.

“We are ecstatic that B&B Theatres will bring this one-of-a-kind movie experience to American Dream, offering our guests yet another exceptional immersive entertainment experience,” American Dream GM Bryan Gaus said. “American Dream truly offers something for everyone, with endless ways to unwind, have fun and enjoy quality time with friends and family.”

The same can be said for B&B itself.

The new venue at American Dream will include eight screens of cutting-edge cinematic technology, including the ScreenX auditorium, multiple bowling lanes, a full redemption arcade and various food & beverage options, including a restaurant and full-service bar.

The facility also will offer unparalleled presentation courtesy of the latest in laser projection, wall-to-wall curved screens and heated leather electric recliners in every auditorium.

“We are incredibly excited to announce this deal with American Dream,” said Brock Bagby, president and chief content, programming and development officer for B&B Theatres. His family is one of the “B’s.”

A bowling alley at a B&B facility.

“This new location underscores our commitment to providing the most immersive and enjoyable entertainment experiences possible. Our presence at the Mall of America has been a tremendous success, and we are eager to bring our unique blend of cinema and entertainment to even more guests at American Dream. Stay tuned.  What we have in store is worth the wait.”

It’s not clear how long that wait will be.

B&B Theatres CEO Bob Bagby said it will be worth it.

“ScreenX is the world’s first multiprojection platform, meaning the movie won’t just play on the screen in front, but on the two sidewalls,” he said. “It’s a remarkable presentation and we’re thrilled to announce that the American Dream ScreenX will be the largest in the world.”