ACEA, BETA Technologies, NARTP showcase pioneering aerospace innovations and sustainable aviation

The Atlantic County Economic Alliance, the National Aerospace Research & Technology Park and BETA Technologies recently hosted an exclusive event, offering a preview into the future of aerospace innovation. This gathering at the Atlantic City International Airport provided an extraordinary platform for attendees to explore the latest advancements and visionary developments shaping the industry.

“We are thrilled to see the cutting-edge innovations BETA Technologies is bringing to the aerospace sector. This event has truly highlighted the transformative potential of electric aviation and its capacity to revolutionize the industry. We are proud to host BETA Technologies right here in Atlantic County,” Lauren Moore, president of ACEA, said.

The event drew professionals, policymakers and aviation enthusiasts from across New Jersey and the national aerospace community. Attendees were treated to a firsthand look at BETA Technologies’ groundbreaking all-electric ALIA aircraft, marking a significant achievement in sustainable aviation technology.

Driven by innovations like those from BETA Technologies, the aerospace industry is on a transformative journey. As electric and sustainable aviation technologies continue to evolve, they promise to reshape air travel, making it more accessible, efficient and environmentally friendly.

“At BETA, we’re working to change the way goods and people are moved, by electrifying aviation to make it cleaner, more reliable and more cost-effective. As we move closer and closer to getting this technology into the market, it’s critical that the surrounding ecosystem is ready to support it. This transition will take all of us, and we look forward to continuing to work with our government partners and leaders across New Jersey like the NJEDA, ACEA and NARTP to make this future a reality,” Blain Newton, chief operating officer, BETA Technologies, said.

“The collaboration between the Atlantic County Economic Alliance, NARTP and BETA Technologies showcases the vast potential for aerospace growth here in Atlantic County. BETA’s ALIA aircraft is a prime example of how innovative technology can drive progress and create new opportunities. This event highlights our commitment to cultivating a dynamic hub for advanced air mobility in South Jersey,” Mark Loeben, board member of NARTP, said.

Based in Vermont, BETA Technologies is dedicated to transforming air transportation to be safer, cleaner and more cost-effective. Recently, its ALIA aircraft completed a successful four-day military exercise with the Air Force, showcasing its versatility in various operational scenarios. This fixed-wing electric aircraft represents a pivotal advancement in advanced air mobility, aiming to revolutionize air travel and logistics. BETA is also advancing an electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, currently undergoing FAA certification.