Biotech nonprofit inks 30K sq. ft. at Jersey City’s 95 Greene St., moving lab from Brooklyn

IAVI, a nonprofit scientific research organization that develops vaccines and antibodies for HIV, tuberculosis and emerging infectious diseases, inked a 29,782-square-foot lease at 95 Greene St. in Jersey City. The nonprofit biotech will relocate its Vaccine Design and Development Lab from the Brooklyn Army Terminal to the lab-ready, 350,000-square-foot life sciences building.

IAVI is represented regionally by a CBRE team of John Isaacs, Joseph DeRosa, Conor Dolan and others.

About IAVI

IAVI, formerly known as the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, is a nonprofit scientific research organization dedicated to addressing global, unmet health challenges including HIV, tuberculosis and emerging infectious diseases. Its mission is to translate scientific discoveries into affordable, globally accessible public health solutions.

“The DDL team looks forward to joining the vibrant life sciences community at 95 Greene St.,” Christopher Parks, associate vice president of viral vaccines and head of the IAVI DDL, said. “This upgraded, fit-for-purpose lab space is tailored to the DDL’s unique infrastructure needs as a leader in vaccine R&D and in global health research. We are poised to strengthen connections and accelerate progress with partners across the New York and New Jersey life sciences communities with our new footprint in Jersey City.”

The IAVI DDL is one of the world’s leading vaccine research and development labs and serves as the preclinical development hub for IAVI’s EID vaccine portfolio. Using the same vaccine vector as a licensed Ebola vaccine, DDL scientists design novel vaccine concepts for priority pathogens including Ebola Sudan, Marburg, Lassa and COVID-19. IAVI’s Lassa vaccine candidate designed by DDL scientists in New York is currently in Phase 2 clinical trials in West Africa.