ROI Influencers: Energy & Utilities 2024 — Rich Henning

Rich Henning CEO N.J. Utilities Association He took over as head of state’s top utilities association last year, after working for three decades in various capacities at various energy companies. He is responsible for setting public policy...

ROI Influencers: Energy & Utilities 2024 — Dennis Hart

Dennis Hart Executive director Chemistry Council of N.J. Highly respected thought leader and longtime director of various organizations involved in the environment, energy, transportation and logistics — and how they all work together.

ROI Influencers: Energy & Utilities 2024 — Susan Hardwick

Susan Hardwick CEO American Water She not only heads the largest publicly traded water and wastewater utility in the country, but she does it the right way: She annually is among a list of most admired CEOs.

ROI Influencers: Energy & Utilities 2024 — Kim Hanemann

Kim Hanemann President & chief operating officer Public Service Electric & Gas She is an expert on energy and business. She has been out in front on idea that sector must work with unions, with focus on...

ROI Influencers: Energy & Utilities 2024 — Christine Guhl-Sadovy

Christine Guhl-Sadovy President N.J. Board of Public Utilities Every energy and utility project and policy goes through her organization, which regulates and helps guide the industry.

ROI Influencers: Energy & Utilities 2024 — Mike Garrity

Mike Garrity N.J. development and permitting lead Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind He is the developing and permitting lead for the company that is, by far, the leader in offshore wind in the state.

ROI Influencers: Energy & Utilities 2024 — Janice Fuller

Janice Fuller President, Mid-Atlantic Anbaric Smart, experienced leader with all the right connections on the ground, she heads the New Jersey efforts for an Anbaric team that plays well nationally.

ROI Influencers: Energy & Utilities 2024 — Pam Frank

Pam Frank CEO ChargEVC A vice president at Gabel Associates, she has more than 20 years of experience in sustainability issues and the renewable energy industry. Among other areas, she serves as CEO of ChargEVC, a nonprofit...

ROI Influencers: Energy & Utilities 2024 — Erick Ford

Erick Ford Vice president Stevens & Lee Public Affairs He brings nearly two decades of public-sector leadership and private-sector experience to a firm that already was a leader in energy issues.

ROI Influencers: Energy & Utilities 2024 — Joe Fiordaliso Jr.

Joe Fiordaliso Jr. CEO NorthStar Strategies He is a seasoned public policy professional with vast experience and expertise solving complex governmental issues — advising government and business leaders at all levels, especially those involving energy and transportation.

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