ROI Influencers: Government & Public Affairs 2022 — Rick Thigpen

Rick Thigpen Senior vice president Public Service Enterprise Group Serves a major role for a major player in the state as it navigates its spot in the present (energy efficiency programs) and its future (green energy efforts). Christine...

ROI Influencers: Government & Public Affairs 2022 — Christine Stearns

Christine Stearns Director, government affairs Gibbons P.C. Well known for her advocacy on health care issues but Trenton veteran has earned a reputation for being a thought-leader on a number of issues, too. Monica Slater StokesRick Thigpen

ROI Influencers: Government & Public Affairs 2022 — Monica Slater Stokes

Monica Slater Stokes Managing director, corporate and government affairs United Airlines She has passion to advocate for United and let folks know how important it is for the state to have such a top carrier be the...

ROI Influencers: Government & Public Affairs 2022 — Brian Quigley

Brian Quigley VP, Government affairs Prudential He left his job his top job in the Assembly Majority Office 18 months ago, but he hasn’t left Trenton, where he advocates for his new employer. Braxton PlummerMonica Slater Stokes

ROI Influencers: Government & Public Affairs 2022 — Braxton Plummer

Braxton Plummer Director of N.J. government affairs Verizon Very active on all issues involving telecommunications – including the digital divide. He also has been active in DEI efforts around Trenton. Tony PizzutilloBrian Quigley

ROI Influencers: Government & Public Affairs 2022 — Tony Pizzutillo

Tony Pizzutillo Principal Pizzutillo Public Affairs He likes to fly under the radar, but insiders say he was a big player in efforts to hit the brakes on a number of anti-warehousing bills that could have severely...

ROI Influencers: Government & Public Affairs 2022 — David Pascrell

David Pascrell Co-chair, government and regulatory affairs Gibbons Strong in a diverse cross-section of sectors, including financial and insurance, health and hospital, technology, utilities, development and construction, and public entities. Bill Pascrell IIITony Pizzutillo

ROI Influencers: Government & Public Affairs 2022 — Bill Pascrell III

Bill Pascrell III Partner Princeton Public Affairs One of the leading experts in the state on issues surrounding sports betting and cannabis, among other topics. Bill PalatucciDavid Pascrell

ROI Influencers: Government & Public Affairs 2022 — Bill Palatucci

Bill Palatucci Partner McCarter & English Longtime leader in this area obviously is well-versed on a number of subjects – especially when it comes to how the Republican delegation may feel about the issue. Gene MulroyBill Pascrell III

ROI Influencers: Government & Public Affairs 2022 — Gene Mulroy

Gene Mulroy Co-founding partner Capital Impact Group Longtime player understands Trenton - and all of its players. Mulroy is particularly strong on health care issues. William MaierBill Palatucci

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